Cry-Bully Smitherman vs. Apostle Whatcott

By John McKellar

I’ve had personal contact with both Bill Whatcott and George Smitherman.

In 1998, Bill Whatcott interviewed me at his home for a feature article in the Interim Prior to that, Bill and I participated in some protests and a number of events which were of mutual interest. Notwithstanding that I am openly gay and that Mr. Whatcott is allegedly homophobic, I always found him to be compassionate, welcoming and non judgemental. Further evidence of his tolerance and humility can be found in various media interviews he has conducted throughout the years. Bill’s equanimity always surprises the hosts who are expecting a belligerent, spiteful Fred Phelps persona.

As a result of the piece in the Interim, I received a request from CITY TV to appear as a guest on a panel which included George Smitherman. The host, Colin Vaughan, tried to inject some levity into the tension in the room by noting that both George and I were single and wondering if there was any chance we might hook up. George was childishly hostile to that suggestion and sneered that he would never consider such a liaison with a hateful person like me. I tried to lighten atmosphere by suggesting that if Colin showed him my photo, he might change his mind. But poor George continued to scowl.

And Smitherman’s humourless demeanour and condescending arrogance continues to this day. He is truly a preeminent cry-bully and censorship warrior in the LGBT community. His antagonistic attitude does more harm to gay culture than a dozen Bill Whatcotts ever could. Pursuing a $104 million lawsuit against someone who distributes contrarian flyers at the Pride Parade is futile, fascistic and serves only to feed Smitherman’s bloated ego.

To the stridently litigious Smitherman and his Rainbow posse of extortionists, I offer a critique of Gay Pride that will cause their ears to bleed and make Bill Whatcott seem like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. No matter what judgment is rendered in this court case, I’m prepared to take over the distribution of anti-Pride flyers from Whatcott and associates in 2017 Pride. There is no place in my Canada for those who seek to violate and censor freedom of expression.

I dare the Gay Mafia to take me to court. Discovery would be my favourite part should they be foolish enough to proceed. Moreover, I have the time and resources to drag out any legal proceedings for decades which would empty the pockets and bank accounts of the plaintiffs. Gives me goose bumps just contemplating it.

Here are my views on Pride:

As if a week of Pride is not sufficiently vexatious and humiliating to civilized gays and lesbians, last year (2016), Toronto was force-fed a super-sized dose of narcissism and victimology with the entire MONTH of June being declared Canada’s first ever Pride Month. Sigh! How much cringing can a self-respecting queer boy endure?

I realize how peacock proud ‘progressives’ are when they display their lustrous tolerance, compassion and diversity halos to the world. However, the self-ascribed ‘enlightenment’ concerning gay issues is truly the 21st century version of The Emperors New Clothes. As an candidly gay man who is a disciple of Oscar Wilde, Gore Vidal and Camille Paglia, allow me deconstruct Pride for all you who have been seduced by the Rainbow cult and cowed by gay activist rhetoric.

Have you ever wondered why hardly anyone cool or famous ever shows up at Pride parades or Rainbow flag raising events? For starters, the whole atmosphere is too tawdry and lowbrow for anyone who possesses even a modicum of class or dignity. And the outlook for Pride 2017 looks especially ominous with all the in-fighting and controversy over BLM vs. Toronto Police. How ironic it would be if the demise of Pride came from within.

Yes, I know that Justin Trudeau’s flag-waving, pink-shirt-attired presence at last year’s prance-a-thon in Montreal and Toronto represented a historic first for a Canadian PM. But did any of the drooling sycophants in the chattering classes take note that 5 months later, he expressed unreserved admiration for Fidel Castro whose despotic regime imprisoned and executed gays?

While ISIS is beheading and burning gays alive, we in the affluent West are apoplectic about such trivialities as who will or will not bake a same-sex wedding cake or which public washroom is appropriate for your whimsical gender assignment. Moreover, no-one in Rainbow Land seems to fathom that you cannot force massive reeducation on the population without fascist obliteration of all freedoms.

Excuse my arrogant bias, but I happen to think that we gays have always been the tastemakers and trendsetters in the artistic world. Unfortunately, that axiom is glaringly absent in the aesthetics and creativity level of Pride which is wretchedly inferior to such events as the Santa Claus Parade or Caribana. Since when do half-naked men dressed in pink tutus and combat boots acting like immature buffoons in the middle of the street constitute high culture? Or blaring bad music, cheesy impersonators, public hard drug consumption, public intoxication and public sex acts?

Of course, the aforementioned trailer park sleaze will be minimized – if not totally ignored – by a tendentious media, and the public nudity given a pass by law enforcement. Or as my beloved provocateur Camille Paglia once said: “If you don’t swing with the Sodomites, you’re nowheresville on the A-list.”

As a fierce defender of individual liberty, I fully supported the original concept of Pride which began in Toronto as a protest against the 1981 bathhouse raids. But I’m afraid that laudable act of resistance against police authority has been virtually forgotten by the properly-hyphenated, history-challenged gay bourgeoisie and the prevailing party-till-you-puke atmosphere.

Likewise in America, the modern gay scene has completely abandoned the drag queen spirit that gave birth to its liberation. Gay males don’t want to be reminded of an era when gay meant effeminate. Camille Paglia recalls that before Stonewall, gays and lesbians mixed quite freely, both socially and in the bars. But in the 1970s, gay men, feeling ebullient from their newfound freedom and confidence, segregated themselves and rapidly descended into a bacchanalia of narcissism and promiscuity which eventually collapsed into the hell of AIDS.

From Hollywood Boy Parties to Fire Island, from Gay Pride to Gay Games, my homosexual brothers are relentlessly searching for ‘Mecca’. Even at the Annual Global Conference on AIDS, the nightlife is more noteworthy than the daytime activities. Every night, the discos are packed with gay doctors, nurses, activists and researchers shamelessly cruising one another. Likewise, the bathhouses do land-office business. In spite of the solemnity and tragedy in dealing with a wasteful and fatal disease, the hedonistic, promiscuous, sex-carnival atmosphere never lets up.

The common mantra among the advocates is that Pride is essential to foster tolerance and combat homophobia. A well respected Toronto journalist once expressed to me their dismay that despite the mainstreaming of Pride, teenagers are still being harassed. I’m afraid that connection is lost on me. I’ve been warning for years that Pride’s obsession with vulgarity and libido reinforces every prejudice against gays and lesbians and CONTRIBUTES to homophobia rather than alleviating it.

Pride also perpetuates a false dichotomy of gay vs. straight by over-politicizing and polarizing viewpoints, and labeling people pro-gay or anti-gay with no room between. Urbane pre-Stonewall gays like Gore Vidal were true revolutionaries because they lived in the world rather than in spite of it. Homosexuality is in danger of becoming pathological again if it persistently separates itself from the continuum of life.

In the affluent, cosmopolitan West, ‘homophobia’ is a chimera. The epithet was manufactured by self-interested partisans for the sole purpose of invoking guilt and intimidation and to shut down dissent before it begins. Real persecution against gays occurs in places such as Jamaica, Africa and the Middle East, but the majority of my brethren are too self-absorbed and comfortable to passionately address this bonafide injustice.

If Oscar Wilde were alive today, he would be totally exasperated with the whining, hysterical malcontents who dominate today’s gay lobby. From fractious students taking school boards to human rights tribunals. . . to peevish wedding planners demanding that Christian owned caterers service their ceremony. . . to the GayKK conducting an ignominious witch hunt against the CEO of Mozilla… to a comedian being dragged before a kangaroo court for ‘’offending’’ a pair of stridently humourless dykes, this has been a stellar decade for LGBT victimology.

Without victims, any activist movement dies. The ethos of oppression and discrimination must always remain alive to justify the existence of the various lobby groups. Even as a young, radical college student, I soon fathomed the political chicanery of the clubby leftist lemmings who comprised the campus activists. They were dull, depressing and always looked and acted as if they were born to be offended. They could never discourse for more than 5 minutes without hitting some tiresome barrier of resentment or ideology.

Historical icons such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Tchaikovsky, Somerset Maugham, Richard the Lionheart, Christopher Marlowe etc. were allegedly homosexual and most likely experienced hardship and repression. But look what they gave to the world! Look how they advanced the cultural heritage — gay and straight alike! They were too creative, cultivated and cosmopolitan to be concerned with the trivialities of sexual pride, queer studies, diversity and whatever other pop culture banality dominates our Kardashian landscape.

Now compare those cultural giants with the likes of Egale or Glaad whose members revel in self-inflicted martyrdom and whose incessant smear tactics and shrill caterwauling demean the civilized majority of gays and lesbians. To my radical brothers and sisters, sexual orientation is not only a lifestyle, but a religion and a vocation. It’s their whole identity. How sad and how absurd. From the exalted creativity of the Renaissance to the vulgarity of Gay Pride, we’ve managed to dumb ourselves down to the level of barnyard animals.

I have often stated that the stridency of a person’s gay activism or public exhibitionism is directly proportional to the number of times they were called faggot in high school. We all suffered as gay adolescents, but it’s absurd and self-injurious to carry that baggage around forever. A little teenage bullying prepares you for the ‘gladiator arena’ of life and the cutthroat competitiveness of the corporate world. Exposing your private parts in a parade once a year is neither productive nor therapeutic.

It’s patently evident that world history is not a required subject in today’s journalism schools. What else would explain why no-one in media or the chattering classes seems to know that homosexuality has swung from repression to debauchery numerous times since the beginning of civilization. We didn’t suddenly become tolerant or enlightened in the late 20th century.

History shows that male homosexuality flourishes with urbanization, soon becomes predictably ritualized and always tends toward decadence. And in the event of a political cataclysm, gay males are always first to be purged. So my message to all you self-righteous ‘progressives’ who servilely and unthinkingly parrot the gay establishment party-line is: with friends like you, who needs enemies?

My flag is the Red Maple Leaf and not the ‘gay’ Rainbow banner which is a crude misappropriation of its founding concept of racial diversity and harmony. The Pink Triangle brigade tries to latch on to the Black civil rights movement and most Blacks angrily reject this shameless hijacking of their important cause. Discrimination against skin colour, ethnicity or religion is not fully comparable to the complex resistance of virtually all societies in history to open homosexuality, which always involves thorny questions of morality and psychology.

I wish I could pinpoint the year, or even the decade, when ‘pride’ changed from being a vice to becoming an attribute. The classical definition of pride has always been that it is a negative and destructive force. The dictionary explanation of ‘pride’ is inordinate self-esteem. . . an overweening opinion of one’s own quality and attainments which gives rise to superiority over and contempt for others. It’s also one of the Seven Deadly Sins — and happens to be the first one on that list. Pride cometh before the fall — or in the case of gay and lesbian culture, the backlash.

And rest assured, history shows that there will be a societal backlash.
* You can’t be constantly hostile and disrespectful toward religion and not expect a backlash.
* You can’t vilify rational criticism or stifle civilized debate and not expect a backlash.
* You can’t make your so-called suffering the only suffering and not expect a backlash.
* You can’t engage in amoral tactics of deceit, defamation, intimidation and extortion and not expect a backlash.
* You can’t disingenuously spin same-sex marriage as a human rights issue, rather than a social value, or as matter of equality, instead of parity, and not expect a backlash.
* You can’t dismiss as homophobic genuine parental concern over the public school sexual curriculum and not expect a backlash.
* You can’t attempt to make the whole world your closet and not expect a backlash.

Centuries ago, Plato cautioned that democracy would crumble and pave the way to dictatorship, because a foolish majority would turn liberty into license. Today, the backlash clock is ticking. . . and ticking. . . and ticking… closer to midnight.


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